but it largely a forgettable You can make a pretty strong argument that Barkley was not adding value to his team with his three point shots, but characterizing it as “vs replacement” (i guess except in some incredibly broad context of “replacement offense of any kind”) when you actually measuring it against (effectively) league average is problematic. I consider indexing the stat year by year, discount basketball jerseys China and indexing against (say) a 30th percentile 3PT shooter in that year if you actually want to give a picture of performance relative to replacement, or just change the name to something like “estimated points above average”Or cheap authentic jerseys the problem can just be solved by defining “replacement level” as 33.333%.

Misconceptions only arise when people go by the surface meaning of the terminology used and don bother to read the definitions and discount mlb jerseys China explanations of the term (a common error that happens with “assist%”).

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