Alexander Hatala Bio


Alexander Hatala is Specializing in business, political, and nonprofit digital marketing with over several of experience. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click Management, Online Branding, Donor Streamlining, Conversion Optimization, Sales, and Business Tech Implementation.

Leads generation, customer acquisition and client retention are definitely the core goals of Alex’s marketing strategies. From smaller, local coffee shops to nationwide financial companies, Alex has successfully worked many industries at various quantities of competition.

alexander h hatala ( is definitely the co-founder of Custom Design Partners , an email marketing agency providing performance and growth based strategies nationwide. Alexander carries a core focus on eCommerce and SaaS industries, providing insights on business operation streamlining, automation, and CRO/retention. He’s worked with higher volume, established B2C eCommerce companies and start-up B2B SaaS agencies starting by having an idea. With 15 years of experience in digital space, Alexander has taken care of a wide selection of different industries and business models, while operating internally or offering an external point of view.

Originally studying network engineering at Florida Career College, he quickly found digital marketing was his true calling. Alexander Hatala lives in Jacksonville, Florida near to the of Custom Design Partners.

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