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I have been working on my golf swing ever since I received your Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack. Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is play my mind movie. I go through each frame of my golf swing the way you say in the book.My local driving range do a special ‘off-peak’ offer of a hundred balls for the price of thirty from 07.30 to 09.00 Mondays to Fridays. So I drop by on the way to work and hit a few balls.The other morning when I got to the driving range I did my warm-up exercisesthe way you say in the book, then I played my mind movie, addressed my ball and fired off a six iron. There’s a small mound like a golf green with a flag on it 160 yards from the tee. My six iron screamed off the face of the club and landed right by that flag. It felt so good I just couldn’t wait to play another shot.It went on and on; just about every six iron I hit landed on that small green. My golf swing felt absolutely right. I didn’t want to hit another club. I must have hit fourty balls and only two or onitsuka tiger singapore wheelock three missed the green.When I eventually persuaded myself to try my rescue club the results weren’t quite so good. They were still better than normal, asics singapore online but they weren’t all clean strikes like the six iron shots I’d been hitting.So I was not feeling as confident when I plucked my five wood from the bag. It didn’t matter, the first one flew right to the end of the range. I’m here to tell you that every single shot I hit with that club went straight as an arrow.By then I couldn’t waitto get the driver out. I knew that this would be the acid test. If the driver went straight then I’d know for sure that my golf swing had moved up to a whole new level. The first drive went arrow straight.I took a break and just stood there resting on my club. I felt so good inside I wanted to enjoy the moment. Part of me could hardly believe that I could hit so many good shots one after the other. I kept telling myself over and over, you’ve got a proper golf swing, at last.Now I have to tell you that I did pull a couple of shots with the driver. They still flew straight but they would have finished in the semi-rough on the left of the fairway. The rest just honed in on the flag I was aiming at. What a great feeling!After that I didn’t want to go to work. I just wanted to go out and play golf because I know that from now on it’s going to be greatest fun every time I play.If you ask me what I think now, I think that every golfer who wants a good golf swing, and you’ve got to have a good swing if you want to hit the ball straight and true, onitsuka tiger singapore outlet should get themselves a copy of The Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack.This article is taken from an e-mail sent in by a delighted golfer who had been playing for 12 years before he purchased The Golf Mind-Movies Power Pack. Article Tags: Golf Swing Felt, Golf Mind-movies Power, Mind-movies Power Pack, Golf Swing, Swing Felt, Golf Mind-movies, Mind-movies Power, Power Pack

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