Causes Of Excessive Bleeding According To The Gynaecologist Doctor In Salt Lake, Kolkata


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Hormonal imbalances are considered as one of the very possible causes behind it, and problem of the abnormal bleeding usually happens during the reproductive years of the female. To get the best gynaecological solutions regarding the problem, the problem needs to be properly and accurately diagnosed.

To do the diagnosis, the doctor asks the patient to undergo some internal examinations, and through it the possible causes and points of the bleeding can be foun

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Other than polycystic ovaries there are a number of disorders that cause infertility. The disorders can be hormonal changes in the endocrine system, certain hormonal disorders that cause the dysfunction of the ovaries, or infections in the thyroid. Any kind of uncomfortable issue or disorder that you feel in the reproductive area, you need to discuss a gynaecologist about it.

He or she will cure and clear it all in the best possible manner. These malfunctions and disorders are quite a common occurrence among the modern working women who are not always able to follow a normal, healthy routine in their day to day lives due to their hectic sch


The best way to find out the reasons behind it is to do a proper diagnosis. The most frequent cases that happen after the diagnosis are polycystic ovaries. This is one of the most commonly occurring disorders in the endocrine system that affects almost 5-10% of the females that are of reproductive age within the range of 12-45 years o


So in order to maintain a healthy body and regimen, they should go to the gynaecologist in Salt Lake, kolkata call girls for regular check up and consultation regarding the condition of their reproductive organs and

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. Gynaecological problems like excessive vaginal bleeding and painful periods are a very common occurrence that can be found in most of the women. In the teenage girls who are having periods for their first time, the flow of the menstrual cycle can have heaviness of varying degrees, and also it will be irre

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