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Can not recommend Aurora Flags and Banners enough. Aurora Flags & Banners were extremely efficient in meeting my tight deadlines. To guarantee your flags or banners look their very best, we sell a wide range of flagpoles, accessories, parts, and lighting. The range of involvement of members varies from hobbyists who are just learning about flags through their reading of Crux Australis and this website, through to collecting flags and flag books, the retailing of flags, and the designing of flags. A separate page on this website provides information on its range of flag charts. Mr Morris makes unsubstantiated assertions about several obscure flag matters, including the “Eureka Jack”, the flags flown at the opening of Parliament House in 1927 and the flag flown at Tarakan, Borneo in 1945. AFS’s only presence is a Facebook page and a Wikipedia entry. Ausflag has a website, which has a lot of information on Australian flags (past and future), a Facebook page and a Wikipedia entry. ANFA has a website and Facebook page and a Wikipedia entry. All correspondence should be sent to either of the addresses or emails shown on our contact page and it will be answered as soon as possible.

Some are hosted by independent flag designers who seek support for their visions for a new national flag or provide a platform for new design proposals to be shown. Others are hosted by supporters of the ANF, and advocates of the red ensign, including the “Federal Land Flag of the Commonwealth of Australia”, which is a group of sovereign citizens who reject the legitimacy of Queen Elizabeth II and the Australian Government and have other eccentric beliefs. ANFA has conducted an active school education programme, including a video (now DVD) that tells a hagiographic story about the significance of the ANF design and its origins. Every one of the understudies are glad for their schools and they demonstrate that pride by waving their school flags in diversions and they fly their school auto flags cruising down the parkway or in grounds. Investors are often concerned that managers might hide negative information in filings. Executives are interviewed on the radio and other media about current flag related topics, providing unbiased commentary and accurate information.

Others: There are a number of Facebook groups and websites. There is no connection between AFS and Flags Australia, and Mr Morris is vitriolic in his abusive criticisms of Flags Australia and its president. AFS has a narrow focus on historical Australian flags (red and blue versions) and patriotic promotion of the Australian National Flag. The Australian Flag Society (AFS) is an unincorporated entity operated by Nigel Morris, of Gunnedah, N.S.W. Contact us by mail at either: Flags Australia, PO Box 233, Milsons Point, N.S.W. We in Flags Australia are always happy to answer any enquiries about flags, or to come into contact with others interested in father’s day garden flags. Further contact details are available here. Details are available here, including information on how to purchase the book. A book on flag designing was published by Tony Burton in 2015. Vexillogistics is a practical guide to flag design, perhaps the only such publication of such detail in existence. Flags Australia assists in making available for sale the flag of the Australian South Sea Islanders (ASSI), which was designed by the editor of Crux Australis, Tony Burton. In June 1984, the Society commenced regular publication of its official journal, Crux Australis, which is produced four times each year.

The first and only authoritative flag publication produced in Australia, Crux Australis contains articles about Australian and international flags and associated matters. The Australian National Flag Association (ANFA) consists of autonomous state-based incorporated associations and was formed in NSW in 1983. Initially it was established with the help of the Returned and Services League to oppose proposals for a change to be made to the Australian National Flag (ANF). Flags Australia is a member of the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (“FIAV”), under whose auspices International Congresses of Vexillology (ICV) are held every two years. Member news and meeting information is available here. Some members are active in their research and publish information about flags. These are both brightening and educational. Innovativeness and straightforwardness are more vital than consolidating complex examples that may wind up destroying the general impact. Individuals may use images for personal use only. Make sure you use the graphical layouts to make it not just attractive, but also clearly readable from a distance. The American Bunting Flags bunting dependably make a general impression.

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