Peter Stringfellow ‘left £1million In His Will’ Despite £37m Fortune


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We should meet up some time. With every time she stiffened quickly. On the back of that she was also commissioned to take part in the Channel 4 reality TV series California Dreaming, about a group of young Britons sharing a house in LA while trying to crack Hollywood. It was during a party at his house in Gloucestershire that she met Plum Sykes, the fashion journalist and socialite who introduced her to the late fashion designer Isabella Blow – and her career took off from there. In a 2004 interview she said: ‘I met Donald Trump in New York at a Bulgari party. I asked him what he did and he said: ‘I’m in the movies.’ I said: ‘Wow, so am I! He said: ‘Who do you think they will believe, some 17-year-old who’s a bit drunk? As a 17-year-old she entered the world of modelling while dating Robert Hanson, 17 years her senior, the son of the late business tycoon Lord Hanson. She had to stop working on March 12, one day after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. The shadow ban itself, and the insidious application of FOSTA-SESTA to suppress and starve consensual sex workers, is something I’d think the art world would want to address.

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