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iStock ImageWhile watching this match, Widoczny Zoom Nike Air you will find another rollercoaster ride of crucial fight for Currie Cup action on coming weekend.  Red needs some tough fight to face Cheetah as they need to focus on getting victory after two unsuccessful defeats in South Africa. Last time, defeat of Stromers with 24-27 loss ensured Reds to participate in the match with the same points as the Cheetah currently had in league table.  In this match, Stormers gave two bonus points to Reds that gives a swag-load of hope and confidence which they got from their trip to South Africa. Last time, Reds beat the Cheetah with lead of 23-13 in the match two years ago and got lead of 14-29 in the last year match. Fans of Reds are expecting same Rugby results from their rugby stars.Currently Reds boast a good blend of experience and youth which put them in a challenging status for any team. Three players of Reds were dominated for the award of Australia rookie in 2008. Wing Peter Hynes who got this award, Fila Disruptor 2 Berrick Barnes and James are the inspirational players that have made the position of the players quite strong over past two seasons of rugby union. With the participation of 20 years old Digby Ioane and Quade Cooper, it is clearly indicated that the bulk of Reds seemed outfit for 2009 matches.Reds really possesses confidence and necessary firepower to give defeat to any team. They have some experienced players like Morgan Turinui, Hugh McMeniman, former Blues loose and Greg Holmes which are used as wild card in time of distress.While Cheetah finally recorded their victory in 14 Super seasons after their loss from Reds with 20-14 in the last match. Cheetah had lost such matches with close margins many times in all eight matches, but they got some relief while defeating Bloemfontein that made them to taste the sweetness of victory. Cheetah remained victorious with 24-0 lead that put quite confidence and optimistic thinking for next the match. The details and Fila Disruptor 2 live rugby scores of this match can be viewed online.Cheetah faced bad consequences this season that make them hopeless and pessimistic. They need to maintain concentration in the match if they want to turn the table of Reds in the coming match. While Reds has still hopes to get dominance over Cheetah one more time, they include CJ van der Linde in the team who is considered as a player of top ranked. Anyhow nobody knows who will be the winner of the match on 1st March. Both teams are preparing in their best manners to get victory becausethis match will bring good consequences for team players and club. They also made some reliable changes to keep their teams in strong defensive mode.If you want to know more about rugby players and rugby matches, you need to visit Scores Pro.com to get rugby livescore and New Balance Nb574 latest match reviews on this site.

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