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The two dreaded words that every amateur golfer fears, the Hook and Slice. The thing is low handicap and pro golfers use these two shots to steer their way out of trouble.The pro’s will hit a hook spin shot or Draw the ball to provide a shot that can hold straight in a left to right wind and when it hits the fairway it will roll for ages on the grass due to the type of spin imparted on the ball.The slice spin shot or Fade is used to hold a ball straight in a right to left wind and this shot willland and Adidas Xplr check quite quickly on the green. For Adidas Xplr the high handicapper these shots are big mistakes.In this article I will give you some tips to cure your slice.The slice is a very common mistake that 90% of amateurs have to live with. Every golfer has experienced this shot. The slice is so common that every magazine will have an article on the subject.So what causes the slice?It is caused by an out to in swing path and the club face is open at impact with the ball. The big mistake that most highhandicap players make to try and stop their slice is that they aim their body to the left of the target hoping that the ball will land on target.What they fail to realise is that they are lining themselves up for an even bigger slice shot. A Big mistake!Before anyone can hit a perfectly straight shot you need to line yourself up square to the target line. A handy way is to lay a golf club on the ground aimed at the flag. Set yourself up with your toes against the club and Nike Epic Tepki Flyknit your shoulders and hipsin line with the target.The next thing to do is lay a club on the ground behind the ball as you are looking at it. It should also be lined up to the flag and parallel with the club laid down at your toes.As you start your golf swing downwards, aim to strike the actual ball, but also try to keep the club travelling along the line of the club laid on the ground. This is done to try and keep the swing on a straight path.

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